40th birthday

richie b picked a winning design in their print & packaging design contest. For just $204 they received 16 designs from 10 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


40th birthday


Birthday invite design

Background information



Brand Name


Brief Summary

Hi Im planning a 40th birthday party next month and need help to design the invite for the party. Im looking for a large postcard type invite that can be sent out by mail, so design on the front and post card type on the back with party details.

Content details


My birthday was 1970, im from London England and the invite would be revolved around that era and it will be an Elvis themed party, with and Elvis impersonator. so i would like the invite to probably have a union jack background, or images from the 70s, with an elvis theme. I would like the look and feel to be bright and glossy..

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