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Aesthetic Studio - Flyer Design


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Professional adults 30 to 55. They care about their appearance and want the best treatment available for them. Fashion conscious, busy, time poor. We want to attract new patients who care about their health & like the latest modern technologies.

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As a company we are dedicated to helping people live the life they have always wanted, and to aid them to be the best and the most confident they can be. We believe people with confidence are happier and more successful. We deliver this through cosmetic dentistry, accelerated braces, highly effective non-surgical facial enhancements and rejuvenating facial treatments. At Alkali we are dedicated to providing the highest quality treatments along with outstanding personal customer service. A reflection of this continuing dedication is that we have one of the highest number of five star online reviews, for any company of our sort, which is something we are very proud of.

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This will be a flyer delivered in post and by promo people. We want to grab people's attention and make them want to open our flyer. We want to communicate them how we are different, and how we can help them. How our dental treatments are best in class. We want pictures of the clinic (I've joined them), testimonials from patients (I've joined them), vouchers (as shown on "Flyerexample.pdf"). I've joined the type font that we use too. Folded a5 - 4 pages Portrait