FoxCard Media needs a new postcard or flyer


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FoxCard Media needs a new postcard or flyer


provide videography and other media related services

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FoxCard Media

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provide videography and other media related services.


Entertainment & The Arts

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We are trying to put on a 48 hour film project here in town and need a poster design for the event.

The Scan0010.pdf that we've included is a poster design for a 3 min film fest. We would like to mimic the style of this poster.

The name of the festival is "Columbia Gorge 48 Hour Film Project"

The poster size is 10.5 W 16.5 H with 3 inches of the 16.5 H to be pure black for us to add in our sponsor logos later.

Items of info to stand out:

48 Hours to plan/shoot/edit a 4 to 7 minute short film

Films will be judged on creative content not quality. Shoot it with an Iphone!

Top Cash Prize of $500

Register form found at

Other info:

Dates: Deadline to Register May 25th, 2012
Launch Meeting June 1st, 2012 @ 5:30 at Columbia Center for the Arts

Showcase June 9th, 2012 @ 6 at Columbia Center for the Arts

Poster must have our company logo on the poster design



We are from Hood River Oregon. We are famous for Mt. Hood and the layout of the valley. You can easily google image Mt. Hood and the area for ideas to incorporate into the design. You could also look up old western type pictures from the library of congress website if you don't have to though. It would be really cool if you somehow took the fox from the company logo and somehow made that the center figure of the the guy with the camera head in the poster.