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by Crystal.devenish
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Contest title


Door Hanger for Trade Printer


Not specified

Background information

Organization name

Trade Printer

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are an Australian Trade Printer

Content details


We are looking to produce generic print samples, for our customers (printers & designers) to show their customers.

The Door Hanger needs to look like a real product/service without being connected to a real company.

This will be produced and distributed as a sample.

What are the specifications?
97 x 212mm Door Hanger (template linked)

As this product will be printed and distributed as a sample, the following specifications MUST be met;
• 2mm bleed around edge.
• Colour mode must be CMYK (no PMS colours, RGB or
Lab images)
• Text and non-bleed images to be kept 3mm from trims
• All fonts must be embedded

What copy (text) and pictures are needed?
Copy can be either lorem ipsum or be creative and make create own wording.

Pictures to be sourced from fotolia. Please use a low res image as place holder. High res image to be place on artwork awarded 1st place.

Must Have
Logo, relevant image, product text and space left for stock/finish description of approx 20 characters to be added on at a later date.



Updated information:

Samples need to design designed for a retail customer. Examples are; Pest Control, Gardening/Home Maintenance, Car Washing, Pizza shop

Inspiration can be found at;…ected=true…nger&prod=

Please use this sites as a guide but do not copy.

Project closes Friday May 11 2012