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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next postcard or flyer for Bundle of Joy


We have created a box that we sell that includes a collection of high-end luxurious sample-size items

Background information

Organization name

Bundle of Joy

Description of the organization and its target audience

We have created a box that we sell that includes a collection of high-end luxurious sample-size items. The box is intended to be given as gifts to expecting mothers or purchased for own consumption by expecting mothers.


Cosmetics & Beauty

Content details


Essentially I am looking for a brochure/postcard sized template that can be an insert into the box.

I am thinking the ideal shape and size will be: folded brochure that when folded is no bigger than 5"X7". Perhaps a cover with just the logo, two inside pages to describe product, back page to invite customer feedback via QR code or mail-in questionaire - but open to other creativity.

Prefer more of a template than a final product. Our box contents will vary over time and we need to be able to insert new product descriptions and names - perhaps even spaces for images/logos for each product?

Our official logo, as you will see, is a white stork carrying a bundle. The official purple has changed to a microsoft RGB of 83/13/159. Please make the logo and color a key component of your design. Other colors or artwork are welcome if consistent with "regal" or "luxury", but that purple must be included somehow to match other packaging elements.

The intent of this brochure is twofold:

(1) The most important is that we are able to describe the 4-7 products that are in the box. We need to space to explain what the product is and why we included it in the box (maybe 100-200 words?)

(2) We want there to be space somewhere - (maybe on the back?) for an invitation to provide feedback directly to us. We are thinking of a QR code that sends customer to mobile friendly survey website. (QR code included in attachments, but you are free to edit/jazz it up. Preferably the final product will allow us to cut and paste in an alternate QR code if the website location changes)

Please feel free to be as creative as possible. The "Hard" no can do limits are:
(1) purple color
(2) the need for text input to describe 4-7 products, potentially including a space for a small product image or logo
(3) space for QR code to invite feedback via website

Thus you may be as creative as you can on pretty much all other elements: shape/size (within bounderies), artwork/layout, QR code so long as it directs to the website etc. etc.

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