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    Fri, 20 Apr 2012 13:10:41 +0000
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    #4, #5, #6, #2 All have potential. Let me comment. This it is obvious to me tht #6 and #4 looked at my comment about the competitor and saw the cube and emulated a similar concept.

    Considering this is a device that sits on the counter of a retailer near the cash register and gets tapped #6 and # 4 are the most practical that apply to what we want, and its similar to the competitor. The bad news is that #4 is the most similar, and most correct at the same time, but we cant copy the competitor of course. The direction of the course is correct.

    I would say #6 has the best shape in the fact that its unique, also the top design is nice. #5 is if we used a pad or if it was a rectangular box. Please keep in mind that in all these devices there will be an electrical implant so it cant be completely flat because there will be no place to hide the electrics.

    If the device, box, was #2 by Consuelo, and that was in fact an angular rectangular box coming out then its shape would in fact be unique, #2 needs to make it look like a 3d shape like #6 and #4 by haront ana and JasDesign.

    I will say the shape here is more important than the name and logo. We are not in need of putting a name and logo on this contest rather this contest was launched in the packaging area of 99 designs. If you wish to use a name on and design you may so, but I wouldnt put to much time into it unless you feel compelled to do so and impress us, me, Darius, with something you have to show.

    Some of you may want to do so as I have seen your designs and I wrote you directly. Some of you are incredibly talented and I am very happy to have you here.


    Do concentrate on the shape.WOWED wowed and you want to question what that is if you dont have a luckkey1 card or key. You want to touch it , tap it , want to get engaged with it.

    Hope all that helps.