design for Open Fire Films

Ka3mapx picked a winning design in their other design contest. For just $295 they received 40 designs from 16 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


design for Open Fire Films


We produce narrative feature and short films, music videos, and other visual media

Background information

Organization name

Open Fire Films

Description of the organization and its target audience

We produce narrative feature and short films, music videos, and other visual media.


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


We're looking for a logo/sequence for our production company to use in front of our films. Easiest example is the Amblin Entertainment logo you see in front of every Steven Spielberg film. Or the Dreamworks Logo (though not nearly as elaborate).

The name of the company is Open Fire Films. We'd like to take it one of 2 directions. The first is simply a black screen, we'd hear three gunshots that would reveal separately with each one. *Gunshot* Open *Gunshot* Fire *Gunshot* Films. The color of the font could be fire red/orange or blue. Open to either or.

The other direction for the logo would simply be a blue fire forming in the middle of the screen and "Open Fire Films" would appear. There would need to be a fire sound effect added, but, that's something that we could possibly add ourselves.

I hope the descriptions above are specific enough. The key is to have something effective, memorable, but understated/not overblown. Simplicity is key.

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