Create the next design for Stephen L. Antczak - ALIEN GODS sci-fi anthology book

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Create the next design for Stephen L. Antczak - ALIEN GODS sci-fi anthology book


I and my co-editor James C

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I and my co-editor James C. Bassett will be putting together a book of science fiction stories called ALIEN GODS. The following authors have committed to writing stories for it:

Orson Scott Card - author of ENDER'S GAME
Joe Haldeman - author of THE FOREVER WAR
Alan Dean Foster - author of SPLINTER OF THE MIND'S EYE
Mike Resnick - author of KIRINYAGA
John Barnes - author of MOTHER OF STORMS
Allen Steele - author of the COYOTE seriesKristine Kathryn Rusch - former editor of FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION magazine


Entertainment & The Arts

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The concept for this anthology is to present stories about the religions of aliens encountered by humans as they explore the universe, and the culture clash that ensues. Will humans convert the aliens to our religions, or will it be the other way around? Do the aliens believe that they have a divine right to our world? Do they believe that their gods have decreed that only their race can inhabit the universe and all others must die? Are their gods actually an advanced alien race themselves, or an upper-caste of their own race? How will humans act in the presence of alien gods who seem to actually BE gods, when our gods never manifest themselves -- or is that what it will take for our gods to finally reveal themselves to us all?

The deliverable will have to include the cover correctly sized for Kindle and Nook devices as well as a PDF of the book and a high quality file that could be used for a print version of the book (trade paperback and hardcover).

I'm pretty open to design motifs here. It's science fiction, remember. If you look at my author's page you can see the covers I've commissioned previously for my other books (the 3 ebook files dated 2011):…WKBS6O/ref

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