Product Design for New Solar-Powered Water Desalination Unit

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

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Product Design for New Solar-Powered Water Desalination Unit


Sterlingwater is a company based out of Doha, Qatar that has developed a revolutionary water desalination product that will

Background information


The Product is the answer for communities and homes currently off the water grid or in remote locations. It will be delivered to someone’s home, house or compound. Once attached to their local brackish water source and to a waste brine tank and a fresh water tank, the unit is simply switched on delivering pure H2O within 24 hours; then permanently, forever. All people will require is a water source: local rivers, the sea, marshland or underground sources are all fine, even if polluted. The Product will produce pure clean healthy water, no matter what the source.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

Sterlingwater is a company based out of Doha, Qatar that has developed a revolutionary water desalination product that will change the way people in remote areas of the world gain access to clean drinking water. This product will bring “permanently free, naturally pure water to people” by using solar energy to turn dirty/salty water into clean drinking water. There are several different types of Products which will be sold mainly to government agencies, non-profits and disaster relief organizations.

Content details


The dimensions of the Product are 1.5 m wide and 40 cm high. The Product needs to be raised on columns that are 10 meters in height, so the designer should take this into account when designing the product. However, at times the Product will be secured to the side of a building our house, or on a structure that is already built. So in that case the product design should work with or without the 10 meter structured columns. PLEASE READ THE BRIEF ATTACHED. There are product diagrams on the last page! We will use the designs on our web site to 'presell' the products' so it needs to be very clear what it is. The product design should embody “sleek, clean, and pure”. Think about Apple computers (and Dyson vacuum cleaners) and how they have designed their line of Ipods, Itouches, and Mac computers as inspiration. So, what if Apple got in the Water Desalination business, and was selling these structures? What would they look like? When designing, keep in mind that this is the first of four similar products that will be developed, and each one needs to look slightly different. This could be done through color variations or a slight modification in design. The designer that considers this ahead of time will have the advantage. Images / color choice and wording on the side of the product is completely optional and we will leave that up to the creative direction the designer wants to explore. Remember, however – we want this unobtrusive looking. When is the last time you saw a lime green polka dotted windmill?

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