The Internet Musician Podcast needs album graphic for iTunes

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


The Internet Musician Podcast needs album graphic for iTunes


Record company and music marketing consulting

Background information

Organization name

Indie Boy Music

Description of the organization and its target audience

Record company and music marketing consulting.


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


I'm launching "The Internet Musician Podcast" and I need a graphic to put into iTunes as the album artwork. The graphic ultimately will be published as a 600 X 600 color jpeg...but it will need to look good as a 200X200 image as well; it will be published in the iTunes store as part of the podcast description.

I would like to receive a photoshop file containing the original graphic and a 600X600 jpeg version of the graphic.

The target audience of the podcast is independent musicians and bands who are looking for marketing advice about how to sell more CDs and downloads on the internet. The primary age range of the audience will be 18 to 50 years old, English speaking. The audience will be almost entirely musicians.

The graphic should feature the words "The Internet Musician Podcast" and should convey an "alternative" or "edgy" or "rock and roll" feel...the spirit needs to be young and rebellious...but also should include a mixture of music and technology. The idea is that we will be discussing do-it-yourself promotion strategies and debunking traditional music business myths.

I have no recommendations for colors or specific design items...that is entirely up to you.

Here's the show description:

Hey, musicians! Are you struggling to promote your music on the internet? Do you have a band website, but no traffic? Indie artist and internet wiz Brian Hartzog shares DIY music promotion tips, resources, and tutorials in this music marketing podcast. Topics include everything from Internet promotion basics to advanced social networks to website traffic...from how to get more online followers to how to turn those followers into rabid fans. Are you interested in online music marketing? Want to sell more music online? Brian candidly shares personal stories of his music business successes and setbacks in his quest to sell more music online without touring. If you are a DIY musician or band member, subscribe to the Internet Musician podcast to join the conversation. This podcast is highly recommended for musicians, songwriters, and music business professionals.

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