"FIT" to be President?

mybodysite picked a winning design in their other graphic design contest. For just $400 they received 34 designs from 11 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


"FIT" to be President?


Satirical Political Cartoon

Background information

Brand Name

Content details


  •  We want the tagline of the cartoon to read "Who is FIT to be President?"
  • We were thinking possibly having a candidate or two wearing a t-shirt with our logo, and maybe facing off against each other?
  • We are looking for the cartoon to reflect the play on the word "fit". (We are a fitness company so, muscles? barbells? jump rope? sweatbands? etc.)
  • Please be creative, craft these candidates as you see them. We want lots of different options.
  • Come Republicans, Come Democrats, COME ALL!
  • Use your own creativity but consider these tips we think we would like (or convince us otherwise):
  • Sarah Palin - be very pretty, very sexy
  • John McCain - old.
  • Barack Obama - young, tall, skinny
  • Biden - big smile, much shorter than Obama.

Don't Wants

  • Item 1...

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