FINANCIAL eBOOK sales presentation

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FINANCIAL eBOOK sales presentation



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m and d marketing

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Hello, we need a talented e-book cover designer to create the sales presentation of our financial ebook cover with 5 matching audio "CD's", and our 12 "e-magazines"*. All in one presentation. The total finished product will look similar to…/index.asp This will be a typical "squeeze page" presentation but for our particular brand. (We will need final files together - 1 presentation- and seperate - Ebook Mags and cd ) Delivery in PSD and jpeg is acceptable.

The ASB will have our seal look very official and simply say "The American Survival Bible" in some attractive manner and look very official.
The CD's will look similarto book minus the seal
The Magazine will look realistic and use some combination of the pics below and is titled American Survival Magazine

*Notice only one Magazine shows though it will be a stack or fan of 12 magazines. Refer to more info section for more detailed instruction.

More info: We will use our logo (attached) and name "The American Survival Bible" for the COVER of the ebook and CDS.

The Title of our magazine is simply "American Survival Magazine" This will be prominent on the cover along with our logo in the upper left hand corner. The magazine presentation will look realistic like…ilable.jpg with this "stacked" look. Like this example we will use some combination of the pictures and mini pictures we designate (attached are examples), our logo (top left on header), along with headlines like "The New Financial Crises" "Inflation?" " How skyrocketing prices are changing the world", "9 ways to inflation proof yourself" "5 trends driving the market" "the fight to fix medicaid" "invest for income""Are the dollars days numbered?" etc..

This will be used for a sales page/ video presentation. This is a fairly easy job that we are looking to finish quickly. We will need the final in several formats including psd or similar. Look forward to working with you. Again Please look at our website to get a feel for our product , Cheers

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