Digital coach character

Tõnis Saag picked a winning design in their other graphic design contest. For just $384 they received 59 designs from 18 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Digital coach character


We are building a social workout site, where Digital Coach advises workouts. Long-term cooperation possibility!

Background information


Because of sedentary lifestyle our client has to work out to stay healthy and fit. He/she leads an active lifestyle and wants to be best at everything – makes career, is socially active and works out. Sometimes he/she misses workouts, because there is no-one to train with. Sometimes he/she takes part in public sports events, but has no idea about necessary preparation required. Therefore he/she can’t improve his/her results and occasionally suffers from muscle pains and overuse of joints. He/she could read fitness literature or consult to a personal trainer, but he/she is too occupied and consultation service is also a bit too expensive. Due to those reasons he/she has long pauses in his/her workout routine and can’t reach the desired fitness level.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

Sportlyzer is a web startup, that builds an online social workout site, where unique algorithms analyze and advise workouts and raise motivation. To make technology more human, we need a trustworthy Coach to deliver the messages.

Content details


We need a digital Coach character, who consults our customers's workouts. The Coach is respected and loved, but all human – a little weird and gossiped (see attached file). Give us 3 impressions of the Coach: 1. I really believe in you! 2. I have a good tip for you! 3. Go for it! Should be a clear image, when shrinked to 100px height for digital use. Should be possible to use in print. File type AI (vector).

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