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Contest title


Cool, Hip Book Cover Design - For Christian Book


Does creating a cutting edge design for a new Christian book make your heart leap?

Background information


My book will appeal to Christian women married to men who don't share the same beliefs. Many are married to professional men and have resources in abundance. They have their choice of any book on the shelf. I need a cover that makes them choose mine!

Brand Name

Spiritually Single Wives - For Christian Women Who Share Everything With Their Husbands, Except Their Faith

Brief Summary

I am a Christian wife who has been married for nearly 16 years to a wonderful Jewish man. Can I live in freedom, grow in faith, serve God and bless my husband? My answer? YOU BET!

Content details


Because the subject matter is sensitive, the goal of the cover is to make it fun and light-hearted (and less threatening) by using an illustration. The title of the book should be in the top third of the cover, the illustration in the middle third and the tag line and author's name in the bottom third. Because the book should appeal to females, the use of feminine colors (pinks, purples, greens) is preferred, but not required. The lettering should pop from the background in either gold, yellow or white.The finished front cover will be 5.5" wide x 8.5 high. My vision: The use of a caricature (or avatar) of a couple, wife sitting on the lap of the husband, with the wife winking and the husband's thumb up. or An illustration of a man watching from the couch as his wife and kids leave for church (CAN"T be a downer).

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