Build us some interchangable forum avatars

Colin1 picked a winning design in their other graphic design contest. For just $1,000 they received 40 designs from 9 designers.

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Build us some interchangable forum avatars


We're working on an anonymous, distributed forum system, to help ensure everyone in the world can communicate, even in hostile r

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Forum Legion

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We're working on an anonymous, distributed forum system, to help ensure everyone in the world can communicate, even in hostile regimes like Libya.

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I'm working on an Open-Source software project, and I'd be interested in getting some help in illustrating it.

I've had great luck with 99 designs before with several projects, and I'd love to get some assistance now.

I'm working on a way to differentiate different users on a Forum-
Basically, I can't guarantee usernames are going to be unique..
Because of that, you don't know if DrunkenJedi who you're talking to is the same one as the DrunkenJedi who was posting earlier.

Because the forum is distributed, I can't require unique usernames.

There's a technical, 4096-character key associated with each, but that's long, and no one will manually review it.

The best way I can think of to fix that is to use the 4096-character key to randomly generate a Avatar.

If I take the first X characters of the key, and have those determine the face, and the second X characters determines the mouth, the next X determines the eyes, etc, I can build up a unique and interesting Avatar for each person.

Basically, draw 10 base-faces, and 10 sets of eyes, 10 eyebrows, 10 pupils, 10 mouths, 10 haircuts, so my code can slap them together in random combinations.

I don't care what the exact pieces are, just so long as there are at least 5 sets of 10 variations, and various base faces.

The forum is designed to be used by people around the world, so the best design is likely to avoid any specific facial features, like Race or Gender.

A Egyptian man posting about his oppressed people might not appreciate a pink-haired white teeny bopper avatar.

Some thoughts I had on how best to do this were to use Monsters, Robots, Aliens or something of the like.
Bonus points if the colors are swappable as well, since that gives me MORE things I can vary. More variation == More distinguishing features per avatar == More better.

Monsters, Robots, Aliens have the the advantage of not looking LIKE anyone or anything, but still can be recognizable as faces.

What I'd like is at least 10 base shapes, plus at least 5-6 sets of 10 swappable features. If I had 6 swappable features, plus 10 faces that worked in multiple colors, I've have over 10,000,000 combinations.. That'd be a GREAT start.

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