Theater Poster Design!

Jjgallagjr picked a winning design in their other business or advertising contest. For just $195 they received 37 designs from 13 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Theater Poster Design!


Design an eye-catching POSTER for any stage show

Background information

Organization name

Drama Queen Graphics

Description of the organization and its target audience

Drama Queen Graphics creates posters and other publicity materials for live theater productions. We sell posters, programs, postcards, signs, tee shirts and more.

We are looking for reliable and creative designers to create evocative poster designs to be presented as part of the Drama Queen brand.


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


The Project:
Design a POSTER for any stage show
Size: 11 x 17
You can use photography, illustration or just text.

The text should include:
The client's name, let's say, ACME Theater Company.
Title of the show
Authors of the show (composer, etc., if applicable)
Dates of performances
The theater's phone number and web address

See the attached "Crucible" poster as a sample.

Be creative! I am looking for visual drama as well as literacy; so pick a play that you have seen or read. The poster should get the viewer's attention, and convey something about the play (or musical).

Stuck on what play to do? How about Romeo & Juliet, Oklahoma, Les Miserables, MacBeth, Death of a Salesman, Rent?

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