S3Labs needs a new business or advertising

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


S3Labs needs a new business or advertising


Design a full page magazine ad for UNTAPPED, a strength and endurance enhancing

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

We sell UNTAPPED, a strength and endurance enhancing supplement (with an emphasis on Mixed Martial arts- MMA generally, UFC etc) for athletes. Target audience is males 16-35.


Physical Fitness

Content details


CONCEPT for FULL PAGE magazine advertisement:

I’m not very artistic, so please use your own creativity and bend/break guidelines below… but hopefully these guidelines can help spur some ideas. I've used 99designs in the past with great results-- will try to be as responsive and helpful as possible. Forgive the large dump of information right now, I figure I'll provide as much as possible at the beginning. Thanks guys-- lets dive in!!

I need a full page ad for use in magazines, geared to appeal to men between the age of 18-35 yrs old.

I'll upload several images and text-images that I own the rights to, feel free to use ANY of these in creating your contest entries. **(FEEL FREE TO USE OTHER IMAGES OR GRAPHICS as well, these are just to get you started.)** DEFINITELY DO NOT use all, but consider them a pool to pull from... one of the logo/product name graphics will almost certainly be involved, along with at least one of the images of the bottle or of the male athletes... (of the uploaded images, the "red man" is my favorite- you'll see him on the website- but feel free to use the others or use something totally originally-- I have no problem being surprised.)
Also, consider the website a free for all-- I own the rights to everything on there, so if you see anything you like, images or text, steal anything you want to use. Also, in the pics of the bottle- the cap will be black, but the best versions I have still have the white cap--- kudos if anyone VASTLY more skilled than myself can slap a blackcap on there if they use it in the ad. (I have a blackcap version posted, but I made it myself in MSpaint and the black cap doesn't look great). Definitely check out the little details of the bottle's label for ideas to add detail and depth...

I'll also upload some sample ads I liked from the same industry to help give designers ideas and spur creativity.

Finally, I'll post some text about the product taken from our website, that can be used in creating your contest entries. Again, do not feel as though you need to cram all of it in. Choose what you think is most important and would help sell. The design is more important than the text anyway, and we can always add text into a winning design later in the "hand over" phase.

PLEASE see the website ( so you can see the bottle and general color scheme (red, black, white, a tiny bit of silver) and learn a little about the product.

-PROMINENTLY direct people to
-Tell people to Google 'Untapped Supplement' to learn more
-Stress the uniqueness of the product, that there is nothing else like it.

TECHNICAL SPECS are as follows:

Size: 7” x 9-3/4”... any winning design will also need to be submitted in 8 3/8” w x 10 7/8",

My magazine publishers can accept files created in QuarkXpress up to 7.3 OR Adobe Creative Suite 5 ( InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat ).

For all jobs sent in QuarkXpress and InDesign, these must be supplied with all fonts resident in the files, including fonts embedded or used with EPS files.

The publisher supports the Adobe Type Library. Any non-Adobe fonts must be provided.

Required Resolutions: Color files should be CMYK at a resolution of 300 dpi.

Thanks very much, looking forward to working with everyone!

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