Splash Screen for Geared (#1 iPhone Game)

Bryan.m.mitchell picked a winning design in their other art or illustration contest. For just $299 they received 136 designs from 29 designers.

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Splash Screen for Geared (#1 iPhone Game)


Geared is currently the #2 free iPhone application

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Geared is currently the #2 free iPhone application. It is a spatial physics based puzzle game. Geared has been on the app store for 2 years, 7 months, and has been downloaded millions of times. Geared currently sees over 500,000 daily active players, with over 1.5 million daily sessions.


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I want a new splash page designed for my game. Millions of people will see this. It's the first image they see when they launch the game, effectively making it the loading screen. I have attached my current loading screen to this project, go ahead and take a look at it, and then forget everything that's there. I want this to be a totally new take. I want a new logo for "Geared." I want something fresh. I want it stylish and clean. I need top notch work. It should say "Bryan Mitchell's Geared" somewhere on there. Putting "Loading" on there is optional. I have also attached a picture of the gears used in the game, and some screenshots for reference. The loading screen should, to a degree, match the style of the game itself, but other than that, go crazy.

The image must be 640px wide and 940px tall. Winning submission will replace the current splash screen in the next update to Geared, and will be seen by millions of people.

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