Create a Digital Clock for Clockton

K.evan.nowak picked a winning design in their other art or illustration contest. For just $330 they received 142 designs from 38 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create a Digital Clock for Clockton


Clockton is an app that takes artistic numerals and makes clocks out of them. Be the one to make the next top clock!

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Minnepixel is a maker of mobile and web applications. Its first offering is called Clockton. Clockton is an app that displays user-generated clock designs and updates continuously, as new designs become available.



Content details


I am looking for images of numerals for new digital clocks for Clockton. On Clockton a clock design consists of:
• At least one image for each numeral, 0 through 9, and an image to separate hours and minutes (usually a colon)
• An optional "frame" for the clock. This is a centered image on which the numerals will be overlaid.
• An optional tiled background image.

At a minimum, I am looking for a deliverable that contains an interesting representation for each of the numbers, 0-9, and an hour:minute separator. A Clockton clock can have more than one representation for a given numeral. So if you want to include multiple designs for each number, that is great. If you want to include a frame or background image for the clock to enhance the design, this is also acceptable.

The image dimensions of each number should be roughly 750px by 1000px.

In terms of style, I am looking for two things: creativity and legibility. My meaning of creativity is pretty broad: something artistically rendered in a certain style (e.g., impressionism or cubisim), or something visually clever (e.g., a clock with bacon for numerals and two sunny-side up eggs for the colon), could both fit the bill. By legibility, I simply mean I desire numerals that will be readable at a variety of sizes. (Clockton displays on different devices, from desktops to smart phones.) Other than that, I am sincerely interested to see what new people can come with.

If you want more information on how clocks are laid out, see:

I've included a few images of existing clocks and a couple of examples of the raw numbers used for a clock.

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