mobile app design required

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


mobile app design required


Not specified

Background information


Games & Recreational

App description

The App allows individuals to send karma gifts to others via text or e-mail. Each karma gift is a virtual gift (such as a virtual bouquet of flowers or a virtual bottle of wine or a virtual cake etc.). Each gift has karma points associated with it. A karma gift is given to another person when this person does some real-world good deed for the giver - example drive someone to the airport, help with a task etc etc. When a person receives a karma gift, the points associated with the gift are added to his/her earned karma. So the idea is that people keep accumulating good karma by doing good deeds. People can collect karma points to give by opening the app each day - so there is a limited number of karma points to give to others.

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the app design

Have a logo for the app. The back end is done..

Content details

App name


Number of screens needed


Workflow description

1). Login screen
2).Messages screen
3).Send karma gift screen
4).Screen with karma gifts

Device to design for


What to avoid

The page designs should derive their look and feel from the logo...

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