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mobile app design for Beautiful Dirt Landscaping Services


We provide lawn mowing and landscaping design and maintenance services for home owners, acreage owners, business owners, and tow

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Beautiful Dirt Landscaping Services

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We provide lawn mowing and landscaping design and maintenance services for home owners, acreage owners, business owners, and towns/cities. Our website: was developed by a 99designs developer!!! Thanks 99 designs!



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We want two applications that work together:

a. Lawn Services Quotation Tool
- This mobile application will work with an IPhone carried by our quotation team.
- The quote person will drive to a customer site. The Iphone will use its GPS to understand the exact location of one of our sales team.
- The sales person will gather several key pieces of customer information including several a parameters that help define the scope of the work to be done on the customer's site.
- The app will generate a price quote that the sales person can review before accepting (they can adjust the parameters if they don't like the quote).
- After filling in the information in a screen on the phone, the sales person will complete the job. The will then generate an email which will be sent both to our head office and to the customer with the quotation information, our contact information etc. The content of this letter will be pulled from a company file server where the standard quotation file will be maintained.
- The quotation will include the price generated by the quotation app, will include the time/date it was completed and will contain the customer information provided by the sales person including the GPS location of the customer.

b. A second app is for tracking time of our Landscaping crews. It will work simply as follows:
- A crew logs in at the beginning of the day indicating they have started work.
- They then indicate status changes throughout the day and the internal GPS information is tracked by the app. Each time status is changed by the user, an email is sent to head office indicating the time-stamp of the status change and the GPS location of the person changing their status.
- Examples of status include: Start of Day, Driving, Arrive at Customer Site, Complete customer job, End of Day.
- The Trail of email sents to head office can then be used to show what work was done by that crew for that day.

I would like this email trail then to be used by an application on the company's server to receive these emails and to note status changes, draw routes on Google Maps, and show how long it took to complete each customer job. A report should be generated that can be used for billing purposes and filed for future reference.



I have attached the spreadsheet that shows how the quotation app is to be built as a first pass. We will want flexibility to increase the number of parameters and the number of parameter variables in generating a quote over time, but this is a start to generate the first-generation mobile application for Quoting projects.