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Contest title


Interactive medical app for use by therapists and patients


Measure and train movements in rehabilitation

Background information


Medical & Pharmaceutical

App description

This application allows medical professionals (physicians, therapists) to measure, record and track the progress of physiological parameters (e.g. pulse, limb movements, grip force, EMG) in patients. It also allows patients to train different movements to improve their abilities during rehabilitation. The software runs on either a desktop/laptop PC or a tablet (Android or iPad).

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the app design

The overall design must communicate a feeling of trust and reliability, as would be expected in a safety-certified medical product. The design should reflect high innovation and technology.

The main target users are medical professionals working under time pressure, so the design must be strong, simple and fast to use. However it must also look "serious" and "technical" without being confusing. Patients will also use the system on their own, so the design must be easy to use and the training aspects must appear entertaining and motivating. The ages of the patients is very wide, from 6 to 90 years old.

Screen is landscape, must fit aspect ratio 4:3 but should also work well in 16:9. Design should work with multiple resolutions, minimum 800x600 up to Full HD.

The menus will link to tasks with very widely different graphical styles and content (e.g. games for adults or children, medical measurement tools).

Fewer colours are better, as long as usability is not compromised. The interface must be highly accessible, i.e. useable by people who may have colourblindness or mild vision impairment - high contrast is required. The company logo colour is Pantone 299C (RGB 0, 160, 226) on a white background (aspect ratio 2:1 width:height), so you may want to include space for that in the design but this is not required. Note that red is not allowed in the design of medical products except as a warning signal.

The user interface will be in several languages, so you should allow for the possibility that text will be longer when translated from English into other languages.

All text must be easily readable from a distance. Fonts should be modern, e.g. Arial/Helvetica or Calibri.

When we have selected a winning design we may come back to you to provide extra graphics for the applications (as a separate job).

Content details

App name

Medical Assessment and Training App

Number of screens needed


Workflow description

The app has two types of screen:
- Welcome and Task Selection
- Wizards
See the attached file for a sample overview.

From the Welcome screen, the medical professional user selects a task. The task can be either a measurement activity or a training activity. When a task is selected, a wizard is started. When the wizard completes, control returns to the Welcome screen.

Welcome and Task Selection:
Each task has a title of 3-6 words. The application has 5 tasks, although this number may increase in future.

Each wizard is a series of consistently themed screens. On each screen should be the following elements in a consistent location (but not necessarily next to each other):
- Next button
- Back button (return to previous step)
- Main Menu button

The main part of the wizard screen should be a blank single-colour background for the content of that step. In your example, include the following sample elements:
- Radio button sample
- Number selection using sliders or up/down arrows
- Instruction line (text of 10 words)
- Functional button
- Scroll list

Device to design for


What to avoid

Avoid long text descriptions.
This is a medical device - avoid designs that look childish, cheap, or too consumer-oriented.

Complex patterns and shading gradients must be avoided.

The design should not look like a gaming console (e.g. Wii Fit), but it should also not look like an intensive care heart monitor.