App Design: Legal Education

Troypasulka picked a winning design in their app design contest. For just $1,495 they received 97 designs from 7 designers.

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


App Design: Legal Education


I'm going for iPhone--then iPad, Android, eventually

Background information

Organization name

(See email)

Description of the organization and its target audience

Online/mobile legal education



Content details


I want all the photoshop images, etc. that I would need to give to an app company for them to use when making my app.

Before authorizing payment or selecting a winner, I will forward files to the app company to ensure that the submitted designs are usable and high quality.

I have designs that I can email you to give you a better sense of what I'm thinking about.

I am including the icon I had made on 99 Designs.

Here's the app:

A. Four Tabs:
1. Downloads (Course you've downloaded)
2. Catalogue (All courses)
3. Connect (View list of users near you/who have downloaded similar courses)
4. Profile (Page to edit the information which is listed on the Connect tab, change settings, etc.)

B. Courses
i. They are video lecture-based. Each lecture also has other materials: (a) lecture outline, (b) links to online materials to supplement lectures, (c) lecture vocabulary, (d) multiple choice quiz.
ii. The course page itself should be a video playing page, perhaps with five left-to-right (and right-to-left) sliding pages where you can access the other materials list above.
iii. There should be some way to send the company a notification that the user wishes to be certified as knowledgeable about the substance of the course.

C. Catalogue and Downloads Tab:
i. Course listings. There are various ways to organize such a list. But it has to be done in the catalogue in some way which makes clear that there are levels of organization (category -> topic -> actual courses [within those topics])
ii. Downloads tab should have a section on top where you can easily click on and watch the last course you were viewing

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