Emergency Response App looking for a great Android Design!!!


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Contest title


Emergency Response App looking for a great Android Design!!!


Emergency Response App looking for a great Android Design!!!

Background information


Medical & Pharmaceutical

App description

Medlert is a medical emergency response app. With one push of a button it notifies your friends, family and primary care physician all while dialing 911.

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the app design

The design should consist of the logo color scheme as seen in the attached files. The functionality and look should resemble Android look and feel but consistent of our iOS functionality as well.(we want the application to be native to Android but have Medlert consistency across all devices)

High Res design required for scaling purposes.

Content details

App name


Number of screens needed


Workflow description

Medlert Homescreen/Contacts Screen:
This screen has a toolbar at the bottom and two functional buttons at the top. The toolbar at the bottom consists of a "Settings" button, "Emergency" Button and "Contacts" button. The main screen is used for managing your emergency contacts, family, friends and Doctor. Here you can add up to 10 contacts in each group but only two as a Doctor. The top buttons are your "Alerts" and "Test" button. "Alerts" is a news feed and the "test" button is a simulated emergency mode. See attached images for more detail.

Emergency Mode Countdown Screen:
This screen is what you see first after activating the emergency button. It consists of a selection of symptoms and a countdown of 5 seconds.

Device to design for