Design a next-gen UI for iPad app for financial professionals

Praveen30109 picked a winning design in their app design contest. For just $1,000 they received 36 designs from 4 designers.

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Design a next-gen UI for iPad app for financial professionals


Redesign our portfolio stress-testing tools for iPad

Background information


Accounting & Financial

App description

HiddenLevers provides financial professionals with tools for measuring and addressing economic risks. The toolkit includes scenario-based portfolio stress testing, investment screening based on macro trends, and client-facing reports and charting.

The HiddenLevers HTML5 tablet (iPad) app will enable financial professionals to perform portfolio stress tests and scenario modeling using a tablet touch interface.

Existing website to reference

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the app design

The audience for the HiddenLevers iPad app is a professional audience - investment advisors will be using the app in discussions with their clients. These are serious financial discussions, and the design should reflect that, while still maintaining an eye-catching look-and-feel.

Usability is key here - the scenario modeling screen as it exists today is quite complex. Try the link above, click around, and you'll see that it includes popup charts, light boxes, interactive sliders, and other UI elements. This functionality needs to be retained, but redesigned to work well and fit well on the iPad screen.

Content details

App name


Number of screens needed


Workflow description

This contest involves the design of one of the app's primary screens, the scenario modeling screen. The following scenario modeling screen from our website needs to be redesigned for use on an iPad:

See the pdf in the attached files for a design for an iPad app that we had done previously - this may give you an idea of a design that we liked.

The winning designer will also receive a contract to design 2-3 more screens to complete the app, plus a redesign of the front page of

Device to design for


What to avoid

Present a design for landscape mode only, no need to support both modes. If you think portrait mode is better for this app, feel free to submit a portrait design without landscape support.Color selection and design is up to you, but the current HiddenLevers logo (below) will be retained.

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