Create a winning mobile app design

Driveway Software picked a winning design in their app design contest. For just $1,049 they received 65 designs from 12 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create a winning mobile app design


Designing first 2 screens for iPhone/Android

Background information



App description

App helps drivers to save money on gas. The app calculates how your driving style impacts your gas consumption, helping to monitor and maximize your gas money savings.

Existing website to reference - can reference colors, but not the busy design

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the app design

We are looking for a clean style with driving theme (car dashboard, gas efficiency gauges, road, road signs). We like the cleanness of, please download their app and take a look.

The theme should be about eco-driving, green driving, clearly leading to money saving.

Content details

App name

Number of screens needed


Workflow description

Screen 1:
You will be designing the main screen - the main point of user engagement. This is the screen where the app will display the the current savings and trends.

App Flow - after each driving trip the driver is informed
- how much was saved ($1.24) out of max possible ($1.90)
- monthly savings rate ($23) out of max possible ($41)
- total savings up to date ($32.89)

This screen should be FB-share-able.

Screen 2:
Each driving trip can be expanded into another screen to include map and the trip details (start time, duration, length, avg speed). On the map there will be an indicators of bad driving maneuvers - acceleration, brakes or speed (aka places where the money were lost on gas (i.e. push pins, lost coins or gas spills). Upon closing this screen, user returns to the Screen 1.

This screen should be FB-share-able.

Device to design for


What to avoid

Busy and too much information. Our current app has too much information in it - check it here (look at the main screen)

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