Create a stunning iPad design for a sports app

Keemotion picked a winning design in their app design contest. For just $1,349 they received 104 designs from 11 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create a stunning iPad design for a sports app


Not specified

Background information



App description

Keecoach is an application delivering videos produced by the Keemotion Automated Production Unit. It helps coaches to get live videos from their games and practices and annotate (tag) them as they are being produced. Based on their strategic annotations, they can prepare their games and increase their team's efficiency

Existing website to reference

Yes. Click that link to find images of the app and explanations. and the zip enclosed with a video

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the app design

The application is not intended for IT savvy people, therefore it must remain clear and simple for people not used to iPad or not very comfortable with IT.
Prefer the use of colors that you can find in our logo (blue).

The idea is also to catch the designers' eye. If you think the ergonomy of the application can be enhanced, we would be glad you do so as well. The main purpose is certainly to have a better looking elements like the buttons, backgrounds and colors (work with shadows, ...). The only limitation is to avoid to reshuffle totally the app.

Content details

App name


Number of screens needed


Workflow description

There are 4 main screens: (more explanation on the screenshots themselves)

1- The dashboard, the startup screen of the application. It is pretty empty for now but it may contain some information such as last games recorded, results of some games or their favorite tagged actions.

2- Game is the main screen used to retrieve and review game videos. It is where all actions (tags) linked to videos can be retrieved. Some of these tags are automatic tags (detected by our system), others are manual tags. When a game phase is selected, the video related to that action appears.

3- The tagging grid is used by the coach to tag actions during a game. Tagging actions allows coaches to retrieve them easily in the “game” tab later. Buttons can be customized by users and arranged on the grid as they prefer.
4- The schedule tag allows to remotely schedule the recording time of a game by our automated production unit. This tab lists all the past, current and future recorded games to change editable parameters (most fields for future games, only rosters for past games).

Device to design for


What to avoid

Avoid elements (tables, bars, …) that would require to rewrite most of the UI layer of iOS. Even if the design is different, their rough shapes and behavior should fit the classical iOS elements.
As the features of the application are continuously changing, the design should not be too static and should avoid having to regenerate most of the elements each time a button is added.

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