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Contest title


Create the next mobile app design for Buzz It


Provides augmented movie watching experiences on mobile smart phones

Background information

Organization name

Buzz It

Description of the organization and its target audience

Provides augmented movie watching experiences on mobile smart phones


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


We would like to create an app (or mobile-friendly website) that allows a movie-watcher to see in real time behind-the-scenes info, movie trivia, and interact directly with the movie and the audience through real-time voting polls and message boards.

This mobile app (or mobile-friendly website) will:
* allow users to select from a list of movies that we support
* move in real-time in alignment with a movie the user is watching
* provide popup-like content related to scenes currently being watched
* for users who choose, it will allow them to "check in" to the movie they are watching and interact with other app users in the theater
* offer to sell movie-related merchandise through our amazon affiliate program
* ultimately provide an interactive, augmented experience to the movie

For a complete proposed mockup of our thoughts, please see the attached powerpoint.



Smoothness, sleekness, and simple, convenient UI is the most important aspect here. It needs to be easy to use constantly interactive. Target users will be aged 15-30, English-speaking Americans who are particularly technologically savvy. App will be tested within theaters that will be experimenting with "cell phone allowable" viewings. Therefore, users will be watching the movie while having their phone out, so we want to make sure that it works in that environment (eg, not a white background so to emit less light, lots of motion to draw their attention, etc).

The attached powerpoint are our initial thoughts. We are very open to creative ways to engage the user as they are immersed in their movie (eg, have the phone vibrate whenever their is a new popup, tie to their facebook account, etc). Reach out with questions.