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Winning design

Imagine then create the strongest brand sign for this newly created franchise

We cut primarily mens and boys hair....

By barneyrubble218 in Logo

138 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Create My Mastermind Logo

This is a membership site and mastermind where people learn how to recruit straight commission sales people....

By adamnmaggio in Logo

67 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Create a Fantasy-based Logo Design for Steps of Power Book Series

I need a logo designed for my high fantasy book series. The Dragonlance series, Dungeons & Dragons, the Forgotten Re...

By JJ Sherwood in Logo

82 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Create an amazing logo for the next generation of watching content on your TV!

We are writing a media center platform. The next generation platform to watch TV, Movies, stream videos, listen to mu...

By outr in Logo

91 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create an emblem for a high-end law firm

High-end law firm...

By sd.chattahlaw in Logo

94 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create a strong memorable logo for real estate software

We make online real estate software to be a full service platform for agents, brokerages, and franchises to run their...

By chad 6 in Logo

143 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Boston Jumps needs a creative fun but serious design to last a lifetime!

WE offer classes Fun Fitness Programs with Kangoo Jump Boots 80% women but also must appeal to Men and will have kids...

By amybrackman in Logo

294 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Create a stunning logo for an exciting mobile healthcare start up

mPulse is a start up focused on helping healthcare organizations like hospitals and insurance companies engage with t...

By ojas P in Logo

277 Entries $799 gold price
Winning design

Create a logo for our luxury interior design brand

The three words that best describe this interior design firm are intelligent, eclectic, engaging. Vision Sarah B...

By sarah GW in Logo

141 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

60 Seconds Stopwatch

Bitesize marketing, growth and time management tutorials for tech savvy, do-it-all entrepreneurs. Also technical tut...

By brettrkr in Logo

69 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Help us save elephants by stopping ivory poaching!

This organization is targeting donors to invest in a strategy we are developing to combat the ivory trade in Africa i...

By dana 8Z in Logo

75 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Create a Capturing Dog Illustration / Logo for

By gjerum in Logo

325 Entries $799 gold price

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