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Italian Food Logo

Designed by Sara Corsi Staely

An Italian or Artisan Restaurant, Bistro, Deli, Ice Cream, Bakery, packaged products and food product lines are a perfect match for this vibrant and elegant brand. The unique presentation combines old world charm with a CURRENT and RELEVANT impression. This conveys a feeling of old-fashioned values (such high-end quality and timelessness) with a modern flair. The brick red invokes hunger and strength. The bronze lines recall metallic fixtures & casings. The subtle Italian flags avoid generic qualities while adding classiness and clarity. This logo was deliberately designed with 3-dimensional layered look, so it's instantly recognizable and vividly visible, yet can easily be converted into a flattened 1-color logo for embroidery or silk-screen projects. If used on packaging, this logo will POP against the competition. See for yourself : print the page and line it up against other labels/logos!

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Words that describe this logo

  • restaurant
  • fresh
  • Italian
  • bar
  • food
  • bakery
  • 3d
  • bistro
  • Flag
  • gold
  • classic
  • class
  • wine
  • traditional
  • vivid
  • packaging
  • oil
  • old
  • olive
  • flourish
  • metallic
  • pasta
  • spaghetti
  • deli
  • brick
  • label
  • hunger
  • bronze
  • artisan
  • anise
  • wafers

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"I love my new logo that I bought from the Logo Store, the designer was very accommodating, even though I had a number of revision requests. Will definitely use this service again!"

Tamara Gielen

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