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Quattro XTS® is the company. The colors of Quattro XTS are red (wealth), yellow (wellness), blue (leadership), and green

Background information


The X-FACTOR is a special training program that we offer to people in the direct sales and network marketing / MLM industry (home-based business). The X-FACTOR is a series of training modules designed to teach our subscribers of this product how to have the cutting edge / winning edge in sales and business. Our intention with our training is to teach our students how to have the 'X-FACTOR' in their business and earn at least $100,000 and up to $1,000,000 or more per year. Our target audience is 25-45 year olds who want to make a LOT of money! They are both male and female. They are motivated by money, success, lifestyle, etc. They are mostly in the USA, but will be International soon. They are technology savvy. Our training is mostly delivered online via webinars, power points, etc.

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Brief Summary

Quattro XTS® is the company. The colors of Quattro XTS are red (wealth), yellow (wellness), blue (leadership), and green (legacy). XTS means 'Xtreme Training Systems'. Our company logo uses all 4 colors, and a silver X to represent 'Xtreme', and now 'X-Factor'. Quattro XTS® offers training platforms and solutions to corporations & distributors in the Direct Sales, MLM, & Network Marketing Industry, worldwide. Quattro XTS® features industry leaders and experts that have truly built successful businesses and earned legendary incomes. Each of The Quattro XTS® Master Trainers has earned high 6-figure or 7-figure annual incomes & received numerous awards. Quattro XTS® offers cutting-edge training using sophisticated technology with an easy user interface. With over 100 topics offered, it doesn’t matter if the user is a beginner or top producer. Quattro XTS® will assist Distributors in reaching their dreams and goals. The training is delivered online via Video, Webinar, Audio, PDF, e-Books, Downloads and Live Events that are streamed. For more information on how to access our XTREME TRAINING, visit Also, please see our attached files to review the company logo, website designs, and other X-Factor logos that we found on the internet.

Content details


The X-FACTOR logo will be used in several applications. It will be a logo that we put on our websites, landing page, product page, power points, print material, product designs, etc. Would like the logo to be a big X. Focus should be on the X. Then find a creative way to add the word 'FACTOR'. Either thru the X, or next to it. (See the attached X Factor logo sample called 'photo.png') Next, we plan to product a feature film called 'THE X-FACTOR MOVIE' for network marketers. We need the logo to look great on promotional material for the movie. We also plan to print and publish THE X-FACTOR MAGAZINE. A high performance income-based MLM magazine. We want the design of the X-FACTOR logo / family of logos to be sexy, edgy, cutting-edge, futuristic, high performance, energetic, electric, motivating, XTREME, etc. Please look at our company logo for inspiration. The logo has the 4 colors of Quattro, and then a silver X going through the middle. Quattro XTS represents those 4 colors/words above, and XTS means Xtreme Training Systems. (However, do not make the logo of X FACTOR use all 4 colors.) We want all finished file types on white and black backgrounds, color and b&w: (ai, eps, jpg, png).

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