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WayIn.com Needs a TV or Event Driven Website Logo


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Background information


Our website centers on the TV but also caters to Events, so we don’t have a target market or a specific demographic in mind. We hope that people that enjoy sports, reality TV or even soap operas will frequent our website regularly.

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Brief Summary

WayIn.com is a new website where anything on TV and events (like concerts or sports events) is discussed. There are groups for Dexter, Mad Men, and the Boston Red Sox – if it’s on TV or at events like concerts or sporting events then WayIn.com has an area for fans to chat all about it. We also like the idea of a lightning bolt. Please try to think of a lightning bolt is seen as the inspiration where people bolt their ideas. Super fans can also create their own pages to discuss their favorite shows, build polls and share media. Sure, there are tons of websites where fans can toss back and forth ideas. We plan to use Web interface technologies that facilitate interactions beyond the traditional forum, so the logo can reflect this higher level of thought. A future contest will be held for a mobile version of this logo.

Content details


a) The logo needs to look good in a variety of sizes b) The logo can’t use a font that is stock. We’d prefer the letters are either hand drawn or modified (legally) from a published font. c) Much like how famous architecture can be symbolized with a few deft brush strokes, we’d like our logo to be simple, artistic but easily recognized with only a few unique lines.