Two charactertures in one logo - Web site for Mac users


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Contest title


Two charactertures in one logo - Web site for Mac users


We need a logo with guys that look sorta like us

Background information


Newish Mac users, or people just having a computer problem. Because we're talking about Macs, the logo has to broadcast: hip cool, tech, young, etc. That said, I really love this old two-head logo: which is not really young and hip. But I mention it here because perhaps you'll be inspired to create a modern take on it.

Brand Name

Dumb Mac Guy & Smart Mac Guy

Brief Summary

We're creating a web site for beginning Mac users: it will have the "Dumb Mac Guy" asking questions and the "Smart Mac Guy" answering them. The site will be fun and irreverent, but helpful. We would like a logo that is friendly and fun, showing charactertures or cartoons of both Dumb and Smart Mac Guy.

Content details


The logo should show charactertures or cartoons of both Dumb Mac Guy and Smart Mac Guy. They don't have to look exactly like us, but there should be a resemblance. It needs the text Dumb Mac Guy and Smart Mac Guy. Perhaps one in an arc above the pic, one in an arc below it. Dumb Mac Guy looks like this:…76x513.jpg Here's a video of him:…ideo.shtml Smart Mac Guy looks like this: and also in the attached picture. Smart Mac Guy is taller and nerdier. Once the two-character logo is finalized, we will also need two versions with just one character and his name on each. EG Smart Mac Guy's face and text beneath; Dumb Mac Guy's face and text beneath. This shouldn't be much extra work, but it is a little bit of extra work.