Tennis Club needs Logo!

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Tennis Club needs Logo!


new logo needed now, website design brief to follow, regular feedback.

Background information


Mid/Upper class/age Tennis Club members but needs to also appeal to a younger (18-30) audience.

Brand Name

Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club (LLTC)

Brief Summary

My client needs a new logo designing before moving forward to an update of their existing web site. Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club are a Tennis Club in the centre of Leicester (UK) who are in need of new (ie. younger) blood. The majority of existing members are of middle-upper class and aged from the mid-thirties upwards (and their children) and these are the people who will eventually decide on the logo. However they are trying to attract a younger audience so a mix of traditional and modern is required. The existing logo comprises a shield with a fox (Leicester City's totem animal) and bands of black, cream and burgundy. None of these elements are absolutely necessary but any or all could be used as a starting point for the new design. However I think ideally it will be cream and burgundy with a fox featuring somewhere. I have attached a copy of the existing logo for reference. I'm going to try and give regular and constructive feedback to all entrants throughout the week.

Content details


A strong stand-alone icon that can be used as a badge on caps, jumpers etc as well as business cards, letterheads and a web site. Ideally it will have the appearance of an English traditional emblem with a modern twist - after all the club was founded in 1878!!! Either as part of the icon or badge or incorporated underneath should be the words 'Leicestershire LTC' or 'Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club'. The final files will preferably be in a vector format. I could be persuaded by large high-res photoshop (or similar) files but please bear in mind that the logo may need to be reproduced and printed (300dpi) as large as A3 at some point in the future.. Please, no horrid script or novelty fonts, just sensible classical letter forms. Serif or Sans, I have no preference.

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