Tech Logo - Geeky without being Cheesy

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Tech Logo - Geeky without being Cheesy


Not specified

Background information


Target audience is IT professionals. Think developers, network admins, CIOs, and students studying to get into the industry.

Brand Name

Brief Summary

The site is not yet launched, but will be a reference site for IT terms. Think of it as a cross between any dictionary site and Wikipedia.

Content details


I hate the term, but the logo should be somewhat web 2.0ish in that we are aiming for an overall site design with simplicity at its core. The site is for techies - guys who are proud of being geeks. What I mean by "geeky without being cheesy" is that it can be more exciting than the average corporate logo, but I'm not a fan of the logo at (…r/logo.gif) I debate between whether logo should include an actual dictionary. The following example for might be a good balance:…on_project Other notes: -we don't have our color scheme yet, but are leaning towards blue with beige as an accent color on subnavs, etc -would like to see it both with ".com" and without. -please also sneak in a small trademark "tm" Examples: 1) -great logo in that it is simple and clean but also symbolic 2)…-108793089 -kind of cool in that the "squiggle" really has nothing to do with photoshop. Logo separates the "pedia" from the main subject of the site 3)…n-90149230 -simple, but professional

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