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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer Shonetu !

Contest title


Sexy Dental Handpiece Repair Logo Needed


Help us start our dental handpiece repair business the right way, with an amazing logo.

Background information


Dentists who need handpiece repairs done, which is all dentists.

Brand Name

The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy!

Brief Summary

I'm a dental handpiece repair guy. Have you been to the dentist and seen their drill? Well, let me tell you that if that drill isn't working properly there will be problems. Take care of me so I can take care of you. I will repair those dental handpieces as good as new, so the dentist can accomplish his dentistry more effectively; and I need you, to design me a logo that will attract those dentists to my dental handpiece repair company. I promise, you will feel the difference.

Content details


I need a logo that really stands out and can be used on any type of marketing materials, my website, and even the black uniforms that I'll be wearing. The template for my website can be found here: If you're unsure about what dental drills, or handpieces look like, here are some links:…oto-drills…ntal-tools Pictures probably won't work because the logo needs to look good on my uniform and website. The logo will be embroidered, or stitched, onto my uniform. Again, the uniform is black, but my website is blue. The sky is the limit here. Please be creative and don't hold back. The winning designer will get an opportunity to design more for me soon after for other projects. Here are a couple ideas that I was thinking about, but I don't want this to hinder your creativity, so if you don't like suggestions and all creative freedom, don't read any further. I was thinking of having a silhouette of a dental drill overhanging my company name, "The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy!" The font could be in gold, maybe... Also, a caricature of a tough guy holding a dental handpiece or two in his hand, with his arms folded... Again, please let the creative juices flow and don't be shy. I appreciate any and all entries. Thank you!