inFlowInventory picked a winning design in their logo design contest

For just $295 they received 652 designs from 225 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Redesign Microsoft's Windows 8 Logo – Just for Fun – Guaranteed contest from Archon Systems Inc (creators of inFlow Inventory)


Today, Microsoft announced their new logo for Windows 8 on their blog: http://windowsteamblog

Background information

Name to incorporate in the logo

Archon Systems Inc.

Description of the organization and its target audience

Today, Microsoft announced their new logo for Windows 8 on their blog:…-logo.aspx

The new design was met with controversy (and a lively discussion in our office) with some people loving it and others, well, not so much. At our company, design is near and dear to our hearts.

We thought to ourselves, why not give people the chance to step up to the plate and do something better. Crowdsourcing for the win!

So, just for fun, we want you to redesign the Windows 8 logo. This is a guaranteed contest (somebody will get paid!)

All we ask is that you include a brief description of the reasoning and thinking behind your design and why you think it’s better than Microsoft’s.
Just to be perfectly clear, this is for fun! We do not represent Microsoft, nor are we officially affiliated with them in any way shape or form. Winning this contest does not mean they will use your logo (although you will be featured on our blog, which is almost as awesome!)

Our company, Archon Systems Inc. ( designs software to help small business. We are obsessive about design; from gut-level beauty to the tiniest details of how the software should work. This philosophy has helped our software, inFlow Inventory (, grow to over 300 000 users.

So, let’s have some fun! Let’s show Microsoft the 99designs community can do better!

Visual style

Preferred logo types

  • Organization name in a stylised type/font becomes the logo.

  • An image or shape that is easily recognizable is used to represent your business.

  • An abstract shape or symbol is used to convey the values of your business.

Values to communicate


Sample logos

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