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Real Time Search - New Search Engine Logo


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Contest started Sat, 21 Mar 2009 03:39:50 +0000

Last feedback Fri, 27 Mar 2009 10:40:17 +0000

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1. Open round
Designers enter their initial design concepts for feedback and direction.
2. Select winner
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2. Select winner
1. Open round

Designers enter their initial design concepts for feedback and direction.

2. Select winner

The client picks a winning design.

This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer HGA !

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Design brief

Brief Summary

Over the past 3 - 6 months, there has been an explosion in interest in 'social search'... more specifically 'right now' search or 'real time' search.

In essence, Real Time search is where the search engine provides search results from what people are saying 'now' about a particular topic as opposed to what was archived by a major search engine yesterday, last week or last month.

I wish to develop a simple (to start with) search engine providing real time search results for Australian users.

Brand Name

Real Time Search


I require a simple design that will work a) alone, b) as the main feature of a search engine front page and c) a top a list of search results.

For context, this simple search engine is part of a broader search project (including the eventual development of a US based site.)

For now the site will be very basic and will feature real time search results using Twitter's API with a focus on results from Australian Tweeters.

Once that basic user experience has been nailed, we will then move to expanding search features and data sources.

  • Preference for 'Real Time Search' logo to stand alone and not include the full URL (that is I want 'Real Time Search' as a logo... not '' as a logo.
  • Would like it to be colorful, warm and fun.
  • Very fond of many of the logo's/brands that exist in the broader 'Twittersphere'.
  • Visually needs to convey difference between 'real time' and (for want of a better term) 'regular' search.
  • Needs to convey 'search'.
Don't Wants
  • Don't want any imagery or elements that are 'lifted' from existing search brands. That includes Dogs, Magnifying Glasses and Binoculars. The key elements here are 1st 'Real Time... then 'Search'.
  • Do not want the logo to look like any existing search or social media brand. As per 'What I Want'... I would like a logo that looks like its DNA is from the broad social media space... but not a copy or something that too closely resembles an existing logo.
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