Rancho Rocks!  needs cool logo

Claudia_tyler picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $299 they received 28 designs from 6 designers.

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Runner-up design by Reza Hadi Sasmita
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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Rancho Rocks!  needs cool logo


Hip, Happening & Hollywood!  Rancho Rocks auction logo!  Get creative!

Background information

Name to incorporate in the logo

Rancho Rocks

Slogan to incorporate in the logo

yes- it should also say "benefiting Rancho Romero Elementary School"

Description of the organization and its target audience

This logo is for an auction fundraiser for a public elementary school. It is an evening cocktail party / dinner then live auction. Our ongoing theme from year to year is “Rancho Rocks” (Rancho Romero is the name of the elementary school). This year our party theme is “Hollywood”. So we need to incorporate “Rancho Rocks” with “Hollywood”. My idea is to have a black and white silhouette of the Hollywood Hills with the famous Hollywood sign on it. But instead of the Hollywood sign saying “Hollywood” it would say “Rancho Rocks”. Even though the sign will say “Rancho Rocks” not “Hollywood”, it needs to be obvious it's the Hollywood sign. Maybe it would have spotlights shining on it? Somewhere in the logo it would also need to say “2013 Auction” as well as “benefiting Rancho Romero Elementary School”. In the past, we have used silhouette party people (see attachment- last year’s logo). We’d like to get a party man and woman in the logo, too.

Other design considerations are: black and white / simple & clean. The shape of the overall logo could be round, oval, rectangular, star shaped, etc. We are going for more of a hip & glamorous nightlife Hollywood theme rather than a movie blockbuster type of Hollywood theme. We’d want to use this logo for anything from the invitation, to our live auction slide show, as well as other communications that go out around the event. So the logo would need to be in a format that I would be able to shrink, enlarge, copy, paste, etc. Also, we would like to be able to use the elements of the logo separately. For example, when we do our invitation, we might want the Rancho Rocks (Hollywood) sign to be in one spot, the party people in another spot, and the wording in a third spot. So if we could also have the elements of the logo separately, that would be great, too. I don’t have graphic artists software. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A DESIGN IDEA THAT INCORPORATES HIP HAPPENING HOLLYWOOD ELEMENTS, YOU DON'T NECESSARILY NEED TO GO WITH MY HOLLYWOOD HILLS IDEA.  FEEL FREE TO BE REALLY CREATIVE!


Visual style

Preferred logo types

  • An image or shape that is easily recognizable is used to represent your business.

  • Organization name enveloped by a pictorial element or shape.

  • Representing trends from the internet including gradients, rounded corner etc.

Color preferences

black and white

Values to communicate


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