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Design brief

Organization name

Description of business is looking for a logo!

This logo will live on and @occupy on twitter. Our plan is that It will go on billboards, on TV, in magazines, on sidewalks, street walls, maybe even T-shirts -- and on everything you can imagine all over the world. The goal is simple: to engage people in this movement.

We are challenging designers to think beyond the iconic Clenched Fist and create a new iconic symbol for resistance, solidarity and empowerment in the 21st century. It should appeal to a broad base and reflect the diversity of the 99%, while encompassing the values of the Occupy Movement – among them, integrity, justice, freedom, equality, compassion, community and true democracy.

Each artist should submit two pieces:

1. The iconic image alone
2. The iconic image integrated with the word Occupy and/or

We are open to any and all ideas.


Organization industry

Entertainment & The Arts


None specified

Further requirements

On Logos we Like -
We are open to Pictoral Marks as well as the Abstract Marks, Letter Form, and Characters.


We are a media platform in support of Occupy. We use media to cultivate non-violent resistance to unchecked corporate and political power. Embracing creators across every form, genre and style—from journalists to musicians, painters to filmmakers, poets to game developers—we seek to inform and inspire a global community built on values of justice, compassion and true, direct democracy. Our standards are talent, craft and heart. Every work is the final vision of its creator.  We invite you join us. is a non-profit.

About the Occupy Movement

This text comes from a group working within Occupy Wall Street. We believe it reflects the spirit of the movement. We offer it to help guide the design.

Our political and economic systems are broken. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we live in a world where wealth is power. Our democracy now belongs to the highest bidder. Today, we must remember the lessons of history, restore human dignity and begin anew to build the bonds of trust and goodwill among all.

We envision a free, democratic and just society, built on the following principles:

LIBERTY: whereby we secure the full spectrum of human rights – political, civil, economic, social and cultural – against violation, particularly by unchecked corporate power and unjust governments.

PEOPLE POWER: whereby governance, in every form and at every level, exists by the will of those governed; where neither wealth nor history alone will justify power; where everyone’s voice is heard, and no one is marginalized.

PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT: whereby we value human dignity and needs over profit, elevating them to a place of primary importance; including meaningful and fairly-rewarded work; a decent home; clean air, pure water and natural, nutritious food; and free, comprehensive healthcare and education.

FAIRNESS: whereby we call on all who enjoy society’s benefits to accept their share of responsibility; where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive and no one is allowed to exploit, oppress or enslave another.

EQUALITY: whereby we reject all forms of institutionalized discrimination and oppression, on any basis, including but not limited to race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, nationality or economic standing.

JUSTICE: whereby transparent and accountable social, political, legal and economic systems work to benefit all, not just a privileged few; these systems are restructured or replaced when they fail to do so.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: whereby the wealth of our economy comes from the health of our environment and we ensure that all life is sustainable and that nature has room to flourish, now and for future generations.

PEACE: whereby non-violence is embraced as a way of life, and we resolve to live together in harmony and cultivate compassion, appreciation and respect for diversity and the differing views of others.

It is not enough to know better; we must do better. Our social and political ideals have to be claimed and asserted by each generation.

We look forward to a day when we can shift our focus beyond individual rights towards a culture of sharing, where our love and compassion for each other and our world will be the only guides we need.

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