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    Thu, 23 Feb 2012 16:25:48 +0000

    Congratulations to the winner, first and foremost.

    1591 designers, though. Even the winner had better designs than what they chose (I hope the winner was shaking his head at this).

    Something fishy, indeed. All this time, all this effort, for this? I feel like my strings were being pulled and I'm being laughed at by the puppeteer who's likely not even a member of the Occupy movement. Tip for the future; " Team", I don't think you're the movement at all. Thanx for the opportunity, but no thanx. The second most unnecessarily drawn out contest I've seen (next to what Redoo's been doing with that Malik Media contest), all for an O.

    I don't believe, for a second, this CH represents Occupy. I know people in the movement, and I don't think they'd waste time like this, personally. Maybe it's just me, but one of you posted an article spelling out exactly who it was running this contest.

    Am I pissed? Yes I am. I feel insulted. Had I known they just wanted an o they over "" that they could have done up real quick in MS Paint, I wouldn't have entered, read the design brief, and tried to offer something "different", and I suspect most of the designers on here would have been of the same mind. If this was for occupy, definitely doesn't help you look so good. If you're this unorganized here, how effective can the movement really be? I hope you're not a part of it.…n-the-web/…ame-sells/…ame-090125