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    Tue, 14 Feb 2012 06:22:10 +0000
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    We are working on picking the finalists. Sorry for the delay. We're trying to get a lot of feedback on what has been an overwhelming contest.

    We also can't help but read all the comments -- and we are sorry that there has been some misunderstanding. Please don't jump to wrong conclusions because of a random, misinformed post.

    To be clear: is operated by a non-profit,, INC. The domain was purchased in November by an anonymous donor for the purpose of engaging more people in this movement. He has entrusted the domain entirely to us.

    The site is currently being set up by a small group of committed people who come from Occupy Wall Street. We are not an official Working Group of OWS, but we are genuine, impassioned and doing our very best.

    Thank you for your great work, your understanding and your willingness to go with the flow.

    The Team