A Nerdy Vintage Owl Needed for a Boutique Optometry

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Contest title


A Nerdy Vintage Owl Needed for a Boutique Optometry


a vintage owl logo with eyeglasses on.

Background information


Our target audience tends to be people who like good ambiance, who like mom and pop shops, and mostly down-to-earth families. We do get a lot of 20s-30s that are looking for something a bit more unique. Our audience loves to feel a familiarity with their neighborhood optometrist and loves to feel special.

Brand Name

Company Name: The Eye Shop Website:

Brief Summary

Hi, we are a boutique optometry practice, an optometry practice and a retail boutique in one. We like all things pretty, vintage, and want to stand out from the crowd. We are big on making the customers happy, down to the little details from the boutique gift bag, elegant business cards, birthday cards, to offering coffee/tea/candy etc. We want to cater to every culture, every age group. We want that down home feeling of comfort but with style and professionalism. Our eyeglass frames range from designer to low-budget, but we thrive on having styles that others don't, and we carry an eclectic mix of frames.

Content details


We are looking for a vintage owl with eyeglasses on. (Preferably Harry Potter circular type glasses). We'd like a stand alone owl first, to preferable mix in with the font of The Eye Shop Optometry name (as seen on the home page of our website), but we'd like to see what you can come up with in terms of an owl with our name included using a different font. Whatever you think stylistically would look good w/o looking cluttered. We want the name The Eye Shop Optometry to be professional and clean, but also stylish with a vintage look. Not too cartoon-y would be appreciated..even like a sketch of an owl from old storybooks would be nice. No need for color..just a dk brown or black color for the logo. We love the style of the store Anthropologie, and would like to bring that into our store. This owl would be used in our store on one main wall, as a window decal, our business cards, our website, etc., so needs to look good on all promotional materials. Thank you in advance for your hard work!

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