MODERN twist to LOUIS and a DOG...

DLH picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $309 they received 69 designs from 10 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


MODERN twist to LOUIS and a DOG...


Hotel Furnishings/Textile representative

Background information


designers, architects, builders and owners of hotels and other commercial applications who specify and purchase interior furniture and finishes.

Brand Name

Louis I and Co

Brief Summary

The owner has 20 years of experience and valued reputation in selling, marketing and managing products sold to Interior Designers and Architects. Louis I and Co provides both luxury (hand-made rugs) and main-stream products (window treatments/fabrics). The company will uphold the sales, consultation and service of executing solution- based, well designed products to a versatile clientele involved in commercial/hotel design. Louis I and Co. was inspired by a French Bulldog, Louis, who played mascot during a leap of fate from corporate to entrepreneur. The conceived idea of Louis XIV entrusting the manufacture of carpets, tapestries, furniture, lighting, etc., to artists of the first rank when renovating Versailles serves as inspiration to our product offering. As a manufacturer’s representative, Louis I and Co. brands more than one specific product but will achieve harmony in the appeal, need and reputation of those products.

Content details


1. Logo image Louis I and Co. is a company committed to selling well-manufactured products to the design/architecture industry for successfully appointed interiors. The key to the look of the logo is a sophisticated, modern twist on traditional. Playful creativity is not opposed. 2. Figurative A logo image that reflects the inspiration of good design and magnificent furniture or textiles and possibly my dog. (photo attached). 3. Color (s) should be of a seemingly neutral palette although a bold take on “neutral” acceptable. Let’s leave this to you, the designer…. 4. Use of the logo The logo needs to work through various media: web, iPhone icon, print, stationary, catalog, stickers, etc… 5. Restrictions that are important Avoid busy. Keep it simple and clear.

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