Mobile Apps Company Needs Rad Logo to Match Rad Name

mobiledistortion picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $374 they received 223 designs from 61 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Mobile Apps Company Needs Rad Logo to Match Rad Name


Company name lends itself to some very bold creative opportunities for talented designers

Background information


We offer both app development as a service, as well as our own line of products. There are a few types of people I'd like the logo to appeal to: *** Services Clients *** 1) A company looking to engage our development services. Maybe the buyer works for a big, bureaucratic company. The company this person hires must interact well that, but also be creative enough to make an app that feels natural and intuitive on an iPhone/Android/etc. This person is not be a techie, and almost definitely doesn't have a modern smartphone. 2) A start-up looking to us as a potential development partner. This buyer knows about whats hot right now on the web (Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare/etc) and is looking for somebody to build an app that would look good compared against those. Very knowledgeable about smartphones, has several of them sitting around. *** Product Clients *** 3) Cutting-edge tech user. The type who gets up at 3am for the new iPhone, or argues online about why Android is number 1. He or she is a voracious consumer of apps, and recognizes Mobile Distortion as a quality brand with interesting, engaging apps. 4) Slow to adopt new tech, but catching up. My mom took 3 years to get on Facebook, and she will get a smartphone someday. This type of person isn't as connected as others; when they buy apps, they look for a strong, reputable brand to help them make their decisions.

Brand Name

Mobile Distortion

Brief Summary

We are Mobile Distortion. We are app developers focused on the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms. We're young, modern, urban and use words like "rad" in the titles of design briefs. ***About the name*** Started as homage to Californian rock band - Social Distortion "Mobile" can mean 1) Mobile phone - cell phone, smart phone 2) Can be moved, can be used on the go 3) Agile, as in we're nimble when reacting to change, not big corporate bureaucracy resistant to change "Distortion" can mean 1) Change 2) Distorted reality - a different way of looking at the world 2 a) Phones are changing the way we interact with the world and people around us 2 b) Companies are having to rethink how they do business, both internally and externally, as smartphones are dominating the way employees and consumers connect to information ** I want to downplay the negative connotations of "Distortion", such as "this picture is too distorted". Emphasize positive change, change of perspective.

Content details


*** General Thoughts *** 1) Must lend itself to use in websites (big and beautiful), mobile apps/site (legible even when scaled down), and as a social network avatar (Facebook, Twitter, etc) 2) I'm a big fan of a style I'm calling "modernized retro". Most of my examples below are in this style. I think this concept lends itself well to the brand name, because it's as if modern smartphones are dragging old businesses into the 21st century (ex: magazines/newspapers distributing on the iPad). 3) Colors: needs to be able to stand out on any background 4) Font - not picky, when I design something I tend to use fonts without serifs, and either all capitals or all lowercase letters. 5) No tag line *** Examples *** ***UPDATE (2010-05-06): The examples below don't necessarily have a *logo* I like, but the show/movie/video game itself has a *style* that I like. If you're familiar with those shows/movies/video games, great, otherwise, you might want to look at the file I've attached to this brief, which has specific logo styles I like. I like the logo and the style used in the game Bioshock. There's a kind of "modernized Art Deco" feel going on throughout - The movie The Incredibles, the video game Team Fortress 2, and the TV shows Archer and The Venture Brothers use a similar "modernized retro" style, which I'm a fan of:…ncredibles…rtress%202…characters…ls/archer/

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