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Contest title


Mixed Martial Arts Logo


Logo for Cage Fighting Promotion Company

Background information


80 percent of the audience is male and approximately 56 percent of fans are aged 18-34. We are located on the Gold Coast which is very much a city built on tourism. Most of the tourists come from Japan. Since the Japanese have a culture greatly orientated around martial arts this is definitely a market we will be trying to target. Also we will be having a lot of Maori, Samoan and other Polynesian fighters so we will be targetting these markets as well. We will also be targetting fans of bodybuilding and fitness. Also we will target fans of other fighting sports like boxing and pro wrestling.

Brand Name

Combat Sports Australia

Brief Summary

Combat Sports Australia is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia that will be hosting full contact fighting events. The events will be extremely exciting and action packed with not just fights but other entertainment like sword fighting demonstrations, live rap music, break dancing, shaolin kung fu demonstrations, japanese drummers and other martial art related entertainment. Our company aims to be similar to the industry leader in America, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Other similar companies include Strikeforce, Pride and Elite XC. Unlike most other MMA companies we will be mainly promoting 8 man eliminator tournaments where fighters will have to fight multiple times in the one night. Therefore out of the 8 initial fighters by the end of the night there will only be one winner. The tournaments will also be Open Weight therefore fighters of any size, big or small will be allowed to enter. There will be no weight classes so smaller fighters will have to rely upon speed, endurance and skill to try and overcome their larger opponents. Also any fighting style will be allowed and these different styles will be highlighted to the audience so they will see interesting match ups like a Kung Fu fighter vs a Sumo Wrestler for example. These ideas are inspired by movies like Bloodsport and The Quest.

Content details


Design #27 is the general layout I want. Combat is the main focus, then Sports then Australia. My logo must be easily recognisable as being about Mixed Martial Arts Fights. This is best achieved by having 1 or 2 MMA gloves in the logo. Also a blood effect can be used but not too much blood as this looks unprofessional. It is very important that the words Combat Sports Australia are very clear and easy to read. Therefore simple fonts are good but I do like the fonts I have in my current logo attached (Logo.pdf). Only use black, white, red, chrome/silver and perhaps a fire, lightning or plasma ball effect. I really like 3d metallic and special effects but be very carefull that it doesn't make the logo unclear or difficult to read. Perhaps if you have some kind of fire effect keep it around the logo but not covering any words. I can't have a logo where the picture or emblem is off to one side as is the case with my current logo.

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