Logo for new social selling platform

Daniel Leffel picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $478 they received 372 designs from 79 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Logo for new social selling platform


Yardsellr helps people sell to people you know

Background information


We think the early audience is heavy Twitter & Facebook users. Many of them already sell this way and we're making it easier for them to do so. We think the most critical success component that the brand can aide in is helping people see Yardsellr as a powerful tool they can use to broadcast what they are selling to many people (both in their network and optionally outside of it). Using Yardsellr is a much more fun way to sell things too because it gives you the opportunity to enlist the help of your friends in finding a buyer for your items.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

Yardsellr is making it easier for people to sell things to your friends and friends of friends. Have you ever seen an email, tweet or a Facebook status like this: "Two tickets to U2 tonight. I can't go, but would love to sell them to one of you." Yardsellr makes it easy to turn those messages into one-click buying opportunities. And it's safer to sell to your friends because there's no stranger to meet up with!

Content details


We want a highly legible logo at many sizes. Given the unique spelling (missing "e" in Yardsellr), we think calling out the "r" can be real helpful in aiding spelling recall. See Flickr logo as example. We'd love to see your creative side, but here are some descriptors we'd like people to associate with the brand: fun, friends, safe, easy, nostalgia, announcing, pride. Remember how fun it is to have a yard sale or garage sale? We'd love to capture that in the brand.

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