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Logo required for PC support site


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By Lazer
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Congratulations to the winner, mayday!mayday!!
Brief Summary

Hi all,

I have been running my site now for 2.5 years and have never had a unique logo. I would like to see if the expertise available here would be able to design something befitting the look and feel, as well as the content of my site.

Brand Name

PC Help

your PC loves this site
Desired Color Scheme
All suggestions welcome - blue preferred
Desired Style
Cartoony, serious - maybe a cartoon character with normal font?
Accepted File Formats

The site in question is

As stated above, I would be very interested to see logo's related to PC support. They can be either serious or cartoony but must be unique.

The logo should include the site name and the phrase "your PC loves this site"

If you visit the site you will see that the "working space" is restricted to 333x100 pixels but I know that won't put anyone off!

I would like the logo to be .psd based as I will need to add it to the existing .psd template.

Finally, I am sorry that the prize is only $100 but we are a free forum and as such our funds are limited.

The winning entry will be seen by over 3,000 NEW International visitors to the site every day!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your entries.....

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