Logo that represents the VOICE OF the CUSTOMER - a new company!

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Contest title


Logo that represents the VOICE OF the CUSTOMER - a new company!


WANTED: Cool, Simple, High-End, Professional logo for new start-up!

Background information


I have always had a passion for people and loved what I did in marketing at Procter & Gamble. I am fascinated with how good companies listen to the customer and how they turn this feedback into action. We have all experienced the opposite -- when we buy something, or go to a restaurant, and we have a horrible experience. I know that they have lost a customer for life if the situation isn't handled appropriately. Sometimes a simple acknowledgement of the mistake is all we need as a customer but that doesn't happen all the time. The clinicians that I have worked with since Procter & Gamble are the "customers" for medical device companies. Successful companies need to listen to them so they can better understand the challenges that their patients bring them. Therefore, the target audience for VOC Consulting, LLC is any company (Consumer goods and/or Medical Device) that wants to do a better job of developing sales and marketing plans based on the voice of their customer.

Brand Name

VOC Consulting, LLC ( in Voice Of the Customer)

Brief Summary

I am jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool with cement boots on to create my own company that provides perspective from the CUSTOMER! After grad school I worked for Procter & Gamble where I built a strong foundation on sales & marketing fundamentals before being recruited by Boston Scientific Corp where I started in the sales ranks before being recruited to come in-house to marketing where I applied the fundamentals of consumer marketing to medical device technologies. I observed hundreds of medical procedures and asked clinicians thousands of questions. I took this "Voice of the Customer" feedback back to my engineers and developed world class medical device products. Next, three colleagues and I co-founded a start-up together and “learned more than we ever thought we could” and, again, realizing the power of the voice of the customer. After a few years building the start-up I was recruited by Aspect Medical to help “rebuild” the sales & marketing organization with similar passion, people and “DNA” that we used at Boston Scientific. I helped keep the company grounded on the importance of the customer (Clinician). Earlier this year the company was bought by a large multi-billion dollar company and I will not be joining them. I will provide the unique, and sometimes challenging, perspective of the CUSTOMER to companies that may have lost their perspective!

Content details


As I begin my new venture I will be leveraging my vast network in the Medical Device space to earn new clients. These clients will initially be high ranking decision makers (CEO, COO, VP Marketing, etc) in medium and large medical device companies. Therefore it is critical that the brand/logo is perceived as "high-end" and professional. It needs to be clean, simple, reproducable, classy, and unique. First impressions will sometimes determine weather I get a follow up meeting or not and a quick exchange of a premium business card with brief story can accomplish that. The logo will need to have, include or use the company name: VOC Consulting but can (if needed) include the words of the VOC acronym Voice of the customer. Have FUN!!! Key words that come to mind as I write this requirement include: - Voice - Customer - Listening - Expression - Feedback - Simplicity - Professional I don't want to limit your creativity with samples --- Have fun and THANK YOU in advance!

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