Logo Redesign for the Hottest Real-Time Photo Sharing Platform

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Logo Redesign for the Hottest Real-Time Photo Sharing Platform


TweetPhoto needs a new logo that shows how we help users easily share photos in real-time across the social web.

Background information


Millions and millions of users visit every month from all over the world with about half the traffic coming from the United States. TweetPhoto caters to both a male and female audience. These users belong to at least one social network including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, MySpace, Linked In and Bebo. TweetPhoto is targeting users on these major social networks and not any one specific social network.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

TweetPhoto is a real-time photo sharing platform for the social web. The service lets users instantly share photos on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. TweetPhoto started off allowing photo sharing on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and has recently just launched support for FourSquare. The service has been around since April 30, 2009. The company has developed an API with over 75 functions for 3rd party developers to integrate into their mobile and desktop applications. Some of the most popular applications on the social web use the TweetPhoto API today.

Content details


We are looking for a completely new logo redesign. Think photo sharing and mobile phones. The look and feel for both the header and footer logos on should blend and complement one another like and Please visit our website to see where the current header and footer logos are positioned. Your new logo designs will replace the logo in the upper left hand corner of the site and the birds on the branch at the bottom of the page. The logo redesign should focus on what we do. Think photo sharing and mobile phones. We would prefer not to use birds in our logo as that makes the logo very Twitter centric. We are open to just about anything that can accurately represent what we do - help users easily share photos in real-time across the social web. The header logo should be no wider and taller than the current logo on the site. There are no requirements in the size of the footer logo. Please note that both the header and footer logo appear on every page throughout the website. Please be as creative as you like although the header and footer logos need to have a web 2.0 look and feel. You are welcome to introduce new ideas, fonts, colors and whatever you like that clearly represents what we do. Feel free to even come up with your own new TweetPhoto mascot or icon! Think photo sharing and mobile phones. This logo needs to not only be fun and friendly, but professional. It needs to be created in a vector based format that can scale big and small.

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